Be Travelling Back to Bethlehem (Advent Day 9)

Yesterday before our visit with mom and dad, we went on our annual trip to Bethlehem during the time Jesus was born. It didn’t cost us a cent!

For the last few years in Vtown a local Baptist church has held an event called Bethlehem Star. It is an incredibly well organized event from the parking to the experience to the show and a cookie and hot chocolate on the way out.

Bethlehem Star begins outside where the church recreates a Bethlehem marketplace including shekels to buy things like olives, dreidels, bread. You can also see live animals, and join the Roman Army.





After Bethlehem Star, we zoomed across town to have dinner with Nana, Papa and Auntie P. the boys broke out the handmade Nana made PJ’s and even watched a short show on the TV.


Merry Ninth day of advent in preparation for Christmas.

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