Be Enjoying French Toast Fridays

We already have Taco Tuesdays and Pizza Pie Day Fridays, so we decided to add a new meal party to the menu: French Toast Fridays.

As we structure to create a new “life” in the big city, we are finding challenges in not only the September start-up, an almost completed renovation, new neighbours and mom’s cancer, but also in the schedule of our new school.

They start school at 8:25, go out and play at 11:15, then eat lunch at 11:42 and then have recess at 1:45 before dismissal at 2:30. Last year, the kids had recess in the morning followed by a significant amount of snack time.

Anyways the gist of all these times thrown at you is that the kids only get a small eating break in the morning. Jackson is very hungry until lunchtime.

Today, we added French Toast Fridays to bulk up our usual porridge breakfast with some high protein eggs. Success!

But now I need a few more ideas for Monday thru Thursday. Anyone?

Bon Apetit.




Gotta love the pure maple syrup!

4 thoughts on “Be Enjoying French Toast Fridays”

  1. in our home our kids GOBBLE soft boiled eggs on toast… not sure if you guys are a fan, but this has become a total hit here, at least once a week. We also do waffles & pancakes midweek but I have started to mix the batter the night before. More work, but definitely more bulk. good luck!!

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