Be Less “Sugary”

Are you ready for a graphic story and a happy ending?

Six years ago, I started noticing that I was having healthy issues that were affecting my life. I was bloated, I had cramping, I often had to lie down. I even had blood on my stools. I went to my MD and did some blood tests and even a colonoscopy. YUM! The doctor couldn’t find a thing. He told me to just try and “deal with it”.

I am the type of girl that can grin and bear it. I have even pushed through athletic injuries knowing that “no pain no gain” is sometimes appropriate, but this pain, bloating, cramping was not normal.

So for the first time I went to see a Naturopathic doctor. She immediately recognized these symptoms and had me eliminate wheat, dairy, sugar and a few other things. Within 6 week, I was pain and blood free. Within 6 months, I had lost 20 pounds and had never felt better!

Now as I start 2013, I am reflecting on my health and where I want to be as I turn 40 in a few years. I realized that I need to again cut down on the sugar intake! I often wonder if years from now research is going to show us the havoc that sugar creates in human bodies. I know that my cousin in Spain would agree with that.

ImageThis morning I looked at the snow and it made me think of my sugar goal. I realized that the ‘sugar’ I shovel should not be going into my mouth!

2 thoughts on “Be Less “Sugary””

  1. I love going through stints of cutting out those exact things. It seems almost like an every other week thing for me at this point with wheat at least. Tomorrow I go off again, and enjoy the world of rices and more veggies. Sugar is a bit hard because I love the occasional glass of wine, but cutting out white sugar is easy enough. Thanks for the reminder of how good it feels to do that!

    1. Here’s an amazing scone recipe I love. I love it with some honey on it. When I am “off” sugar, I allow myself honey and maple syrup, sparingly! Here is the recipe:

      I love to cut them into different shapes using my knife or cookie cutters.

      I hope you are enjoying your world of rice and veggies.

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