Be a Vinegar User

I often wonder how much healthier our earth would be if we stopped using all man-made cleaners and started to just using vinegar.  Yes vinegar!

Vinegar came my way when living in Europe.  I was asking someone where I could buy some vinegar to make salad dressing.  I couldn’t find white vinegar in my local grocery store.  They actually laughed at me because she used white vinegar to clean her vegetables and clean her house.  She wouldn’t use it for salad dressing!

I was reminded of the heroics of vinegar when I read an article in Mother Earth Living.  They had 17 uses for vinegar:

1. Grease cutter

2. Disinfectant

3. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

4. Drain Cleaner

5. Glass Gleaner

6. Residue Remover

7. Hair Rinse

8. Furniture Polish

9. Stain Remover

10. Laundry Softener

11.  Dandruff Preventive

12. Wart Killer

13. Breath Freshner

14. Paintbrush Softener

15. Greens Reviver

16. Egg Aid

17. Rust Remover


We also discovered another great use for vinegar this afternoon:

“Explosive” Science Project Ingredient!