Be “Suite”

I went back to work part time after our first son was born. After only a few months, I knew that being a mom and teacher was not going to be doable for my Type A/Perfectionist personality.

We immediately cut our cable, saving $30 per month. We tried to find ways to cut even more of our expenses.

We ended up selling our handmade (not by us!) post and beam home overlooking the lake for a home in the city with the ability to walk everywhere. We sold one car and were left with one 4-Runner to share.

We bought a house with a backyard suite. This house allows me to joyfully stay home with my boys. It pays 60 percent of our mortgage with minimal impact on our lives.

Do you have extra space beside your house?

Here is a great suite I saw today while driving around. The suite is on the left.

Let your house make money for you! (My apologies for the photos – I will never make a good paparazzi!)



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