Be Sick

I do not like being sick! When I was a paid professional, I rarely took a sick day when I had the sniffles, a cough or even a fever. I felt that I had to troop on through for the sake of my job! Even now as a full time mom, I rarely take a day to rest when I am sick.

We are now onto day 3 of our biggest boy being sick with a raging fever and a few other symptoms (I won’t give you the gory details!) . According to the nurse at 811, children can go up to one week with a fever without any “affects”! Poor guy.

They said that kindergarten would bring on the sickness, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. JC has not been off our couch or out of the bed since Friday! For our normal tree climbing, monkey bar climbing, bed flipping little boy this is a strange occurrence!

What do I take from this? Well, if you are sick or your child is sick, do everyone in a school or at work at favour, take a sick day or two! Allow your body to heal and give yourself some space to be well. If we don’t have our health we don’t have anything.

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