Be a “Yes” Woman

I have an incredible mentor in my life who believes that you should try and say “yes” as much as possible. She was a leader of an incredibly difficult school with a 30% turnover rate in students every year and a staff that sometimes had difficulty embracing change! She won all the children, parents and staff hearts by being a “yes” woman. She initiated incredible change in people.


Today my baby boy, CC, wanted to go up and down and up and down the hill at the end of our street. I kept saying “yes” until he wanted to stop.

A friend of my went to the hot springs we were at on the weekend. Her children are 6 and 9. She and her husband decided to allow them to stay in the hot springs until they wanted to go. They stayed in for over four hours. They only got out because they were starving.

Today, I slowed down, let go of my own agenda and allowed myself to be a “Yes” woman. Thanks Linda Lou for guiding the way!

Be an Eater

One of our baby boys, OC, loves to eat! I mean he LOVES to eat. If we don’t have food on his tray when he is eating, he starts to squawk and scream.

He is the youngest, but we are predicting that he will be the biggest. He eats more than his brothers! Does this perhaps explain his 102 percentile head circumference?

Here is his latest meal for breakfast:

1 whole piece of spelt toast with PB and Nana’s jam

1 piece of bacon

Scrambled eggs

3 Strawberries

Some apple

Note: Notice his oldest’s brother’s breakfast in the background.