Be a planner

Other than the daily grind of dishes, laundry, diaper changing, well you get what I mean, I like having things to look forward to.

When I knew that my husband was changing jobs to the town down the road, beside the lake and across “the bridge”, I knew that we were going to have to do some planning.

The first things I did was hire a cleaner, yup a cleaner! Now I don’t have to do the weekly scrub the toilet, the floors etc., but I am free to just tidy and clean up spills and I am “free” to enjoy it.

The second thing I did was to make sure that every weekend we had one day just as a family. The boys sometimes stay in their PJ’s. Sexy neck doesn’t have to get in his car.

The last thing we did was to plan special events together. Tomorrow we are going to one of my favourite places in the world – the hot springs. Relaxing, rejuvenating, quiet… just us! Enjoy our weekend everyone!