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Be A Giver of Great Gifts

Look who came to visit nana and I tonight:

Santa, the giver of great gifts!

Thank you to all the Santas in our lives right now.

Great gifts:
– Booking flights from Australia, Spain, Whitehorse, Vancouver.
– Heartfelt Prayer
– Thoughts about my mom and our family
– Food and water
– Kind, gentle care
– Good pain medication. (Just say yes to drugs when you have cancer.).
– Facebook messages/Blog comments
– Pictures to share with mom from afar.
– Michelle Miller (Pain Specialist) taking the helm.
AND so many other things.

Full of gratitude for God’s great mercy and for how He has used people in our lives today to help mom.

Be Writing Letters to Santa

December 1st, 2013

Advent had begun. Yeah! We are counting the days until we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

We put the candles in our advent wreath. We will light one this first week, two the second week, three the third and all four on the week before Christmas. We will light all five on Christmas Day symbolizing Jesus’ light coming into the world.

We have our first door of our advent calendar open, the ornament is on the tree and chocolate covered blueberries are digesting in the boys bellies. We waited til after breakfast and we tried to choose something mildly nutritious for the calendar. Do chocolate covered blueberries qualify?


We started our letters to Santa and we hope to put them in the mailbox tomorrow. We read this book by the Berenstain Bears to see how sister and brother bear write their letters:

The boys worked hard with Grandma and Sexy Neck. We will see what the letters to Santa end up saying.


Happy Advent Everyone!