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Be Had by a Hat

I was gotten.

I was had.

By a hat!


In my beautiful, handmade salad dressing!

This little ditty started way back in 2009… SIX YEARS AGO.

It started with a cake and here is the story.

For over two years, this hat has now been going back and forth between my friend Double D and I.

Last week, I kindly asked my friend Double D if I could get some of her amazing, beautiful balsamic salad dressing that I think she should sell.  I pulled into her house on Friday afternoon, looking for her to jump out of somewhere and throw the hat into my car.  Previously, I had put the hat ten feet up in her tree when she was away on a relaxing weekend away.

I searched the bag and NO HAT!  I looked under the paper in the bag and NO HAT!




The hat was STILL in her hands!

But then, alas, I opened the beautiful jar of creamy, delicious handmade salad dressing.


I fell on the floor.

I groaned and I moaned.

And the boys laughed and laughed and laughed.


A few boys are very happy about the hat!  CC has been wearing it ever since it arrived back in our home via salad dressing.  IMG_8488[1]

Dude!  Don’t mess with Double D.  She is one smart and creative woman!

Be Gotten in my Grief

My friend, Double D, and I have been passing back this darling hat the last few years.

She has gotten me good in her endeavours to get the hat back to me!
Here’s the story that took the cake! This happened in June.

I gave it back to her in the summer sometime and now in the last few weeks either when mom was in hospital or at hospice, I received a care package. In this care package was chocolate, tea and a nice box of Kleenex.

Guess what I pulled out of the Kleenex box last night?


Luckily, I had a toy to return to her today, the hat is back in her hands.


Just got a text from my good friend Double D:
Lmao!! You double got me I hadn’t even unpacked the toys yet, I just read your post and was smugly chuckling to myself till I kept reading and scrolled down to Diego!!! NNNNOOOO!
Haha 😛