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Be A Man With A Workshop

Besides being incredibly handsome, my man is handy!  

For the past four years, we have lived in a house that we have been continually renovating – windows, roof, build a workshop, painting, garden, hedges, gates, these are just a few of the projects that we have done.

We are now renovating our new house BEFORE we move into it.  In the four years that we lived in the 29th Crescent house, Sexy Neck NEVER got to unpack his workshop.  The workshop was built last year, but due to continual renovations, he never took anything out of boxes.  

This week, Sexy Neck unpacked his boxes for his workshop.  You should have heard the excitement in his voice.  It truly was like a kid at Christmas.  

I am so proud of my husband for hiring someone to help with our renovations and now for taking the time to unpack his workshop.   AWESOME.  The three boys are going to love all the projects you can make together: bike stand, bird houses, planter boxes  just to name a few that the boys want to do with you! 

ImageSexy Neck’s workshop in the garage

Be a Birdie In A Garage

This little guy got stuck in my parent’s garage last night. 



The birdie got to hangout with our favourite book, Goodnight Moon plus all the bikes, wagons, golf clubs.  The boys were very excited to be a birdie rescuer as we hit the button for the garage door and the birdie flew to freedom.   I love the garage.  We have never had one, but will have one in the new house once we move in.    

Do you have an garage secrets we should know?