Be Wondering about Wind on a Wednesday

Climate Change.

Atmospheric rivers.

Global heating.

Climate variability.

All new words that have taken the forefront in media the last decade plus.

BUT, I have always been more curious about the wind.

Personally, I have noticed that there are more strong winds and more winds coming from the south in the last few years.

How is the wind speed and wind direction changing?

What would our airline pilots say about wind?

What do farmers say about wind related to soil erosion?

I wonder what real people, who deal with wind on a regular basis, would say about the “winds of change” that I feel happening.

I wonder about wind.



My wind fascination might be due to my equal fascination with cycling. I really, strongly dislike riding (or doing anything) in the wind.

Rain, Snow, -30 degrees Celsius, I am all good.

Wind, I will skip the wind every day.

Do you wonder about wind?

Have an epic Wednesday folks and love what you do.

xoxo Joanna

7 thoughts on “Be Wondering about Wind on a Wednesday”

  1. Hey Joanna!

    If you don’t know this song already, have a listen… I think it will blow you away ( forgive the pun… I had to do it lol)


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  2. I’ve been wondering about the wind, too, this past year particularly. We’ve lived in our house for 22 years now and I look out at the same back patio every day. Never before have I seen the plants in my pots shivering and shaking as much as they have this past year. Sometimes, it’s so strong that I worry about them falling over! Yes, definitely, I would say the wind has increased. The statisticians can take it from me that it’s a fact!!

    1. I love your keen eye for observation, that must be the artist in you! I will take your facts and cannot wait til the statisticians catch up to all of us. I wonder when wind will become a mainstream discourse as I think it is more important than we know.

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