Three Lessons from the Second Hardest Year of Life (2022)!

In 2013, our boys were 2, 4 and 6 years old. The second half of 2013 was arduous to walk through as it ended up being my mom’s end days on earth, bravely breathing through cancer. I remember my mom’s desire for a bath, shaving her head and cutting her nails, the ever-present pain and then the soft look in her eyes each time the boys were in her presence. December 26th, 2013 my mom ended her days here on earth.

Now, we have walked through another year with entirely different challenges that have brought us to our knees and make us appreciate even more what 2013 taught us. Since this date in 2013, we have lost Sexy Neck’s mom, his grandparents, his uncle and my uncle. All beloved and all dearly missed. We have moved homes twice, changed two different jobs, walked through a fascinating time in history (2020 + 2021) and have had other people come and go from our lives.

In 2022, our boys are ending the year at 15, 13 and 11 years old. I am unsure if I can use words to express the feelings of utter frustration and “loss” that we experienced in this one year which was compounding for many years. When you journey through someone with cancer you are at the mercy of so many things: the health care system, fatigue level/capacity/expertise of very human doctors and nurses, the disease itself, and the actions of others. Now, we have become enveloped in other “systems”, have been affected by our own and others post-C@vid fatigue, and simply have gone down paths where we have had to shifts our dreams and goals. We had to let go of many dreams (sport and business related) as we choose to keep our family our priority.

As we slam shut the door on this year, Sexy Neck and I have sat down and done what we do best: connect. I then did what I do best: write.

Here are our musings about 2022 and how we are going to shift into 2023 with our hearts, eyes and minds wide open to what we want this one short and beautiful year to look like.

The 3 life lessons that we have painfully learned this year are:

  1. Be clear in your vision so that if it’s not aligned you can say no. 
  1. Give things to God. 
  1. Keep your family first. 


  1. Be conscious what you fill your mind with (Books, movies, podcasts, friends…) and stay away from the “scroll hole”.
  1. Be disciplined with your time because it is the highest currency. (Value your time and treat it as THE GREATEST resource you have) 
  1. Be more conscious of your blessings. Express and show gratitude.

And that’s it folks. I am not going to get into the nitty gritty of the year because it’s now, thankfully past.

Whether 2022 was a growing, sowing or loafing year, may you have kind-hearted, authentic people, including yourself, surrounding you to help you turn 2023 into anything your heart, desires, soul and mind need.

God bless you my beautiful friends.

xoxo Joanna