Be Light

Last weekend, as I laid my hand upon my son’s forehead, as I do every night before bed to bless him, he said mom, “You feel light!”.

He was right!

I was light!

We were spending the first night away in a ski condo that we had rented for the season.  We are privileged to be sharing this condo with friends whom we alternate weeks with.

Nine months previous, I had decided that we were going to find a way to rent a condo up at the ski hill.  I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but shortly afterwards someone found us and asked us if we wanted to share.

It was affordable.


At the bottom of a ski run and chairlift.


A dream came true!

I am holding lightly to the daily rhythm of life.

I hold tightly to my vision for my family.  The freedom that I want to create where time and money are of no consequence.  I want to have a full-time family.

My son is so perceptive and right.

I feel light in this place.

Light that comes from a goal being achieved.

Light that comes from being with my boys in a beautiful place.

Light that comes from just being me and allowing things to unfold.

Without attachment.

Full of wonder.

Allowing my heart and mind to dream.

Being light.

One thought on “Be Light”

  1. Oh how I love and miss skiing at Silver Star. Enjoy your time there. Such a great mountain. 🏂😍

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