Be Light

Last weekend, as I laid my hand upon my son’s forehead, as I do every night before bed to bless him, he said mom, “You feel light!”.

He was right!

I was light!

We were spending the first night away in a ski condo that we had rented for the season.  We are privileged to be sharing this condo with friends whom we alternate weeks with.

Nine months previous, I had decided that we were going to find a way to rent a condo up at the ski hill.  I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but shortly afterwards someone found us and asked us if we wanted to share.

It was affordable.


At the bottom of a ski run and chairlift.


A dream came true!

I am holding lightly to the daily rhythm of life.

I hold tightly to my vision for my family.  The freedom that I want to create where time and money are of no consequence.  I want to have a full-time family.

My son is so perceptive and right.

I feel light in this place.

Light that comes from a goal being achieved.

Light that comes from being with my boys in a beautiful place.

Light that comes from just being me and allowing things to unfold.

Without attachment.

Full of wonder.

Allowing my heart and mind to dream.

Being light.