Be Halloweening

I am sure if I looked into the history of Halloween or asked one of my non-Halloween-going friends, we may not participate in October 31st activities. But we do and we do it well! IMG_6818.JPGIMG_6819.JPG
Decorating the front of the house for trick or treaters.

Getting together with beloved friends to carve pumpkins.

Creating costumes that express themselves and empower our boys. IMG_6815.JPGIMG_6816.JPGIMG_6817.JPGTaking snacks to school to share with classmates during the Halloween party. (This year it was watermelon cutouts.)

Going door-to-door to meet our neighbours and share a story or two. IMG_6820.JPGGiving out chips and chocolates to each person who comes to our door.

Looking at photos of our cousins who dressed up.

Celebrating relationships.

Allowing Uniqueness.

Being a part of Community.

Accepting Neighbours.

Treasuring Friendship.

Loving our Family. IMG_6827.JPG
Pouring out.

Pouring into our boys.

Building roots.

Going deeper.

Eating lots of mini chocolate bars.


Witnessing one of the most incredible sunsets I have seen in awhile.


God gets all our praise for this night and the people who surrounded us this Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Be Halloweening”

  1. I have a thought for you on Halloween. (I posted an interesting article on the history too if you’re interested). In a nutshell I think people got together for Samhain because they needed each other for support going into the winter. If you strip away all the rituals and appealing to the spiritual world for help..that’s what I see. Food got scarce, people died, it was scary times. What we saw in our community was people bundled up drinking coffee and chatting, still craving that need to connect. It was also the 495th anniversary of the reformation, huge turning point in Christian history. Kinda cool! Sent from my iPhone


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