Be Halloweening

I am sure if I looked into the history of Halloween or asked one of my non-Halloween-going friends, we may not participate in October 31st activities. But we do and we do it well! IMG_6818.JPGIMG_6819.JPG
Decorating the front of the house for trick or treaters.

Getting together with beloved friends to carve pumpkins.

Creating costumes that express themselves and empower our boys. IMG_6815.JPGIMG_6816.JPGIMG_6817.JPGTaking snacks to school to share with classmates during the Halloween party. (This year it was watermelon cutouts.)

Going door-to-door to meet our neighbours and share a story or two. IMG_6820.JPGGiving out chips and chocolates to each person who comes to our door.

Looking at photos of our cousins who dressed up.

Celebrating relationships.

Allowing Uniqueness.

Being a part of Community.

Accepting Neighbours.

Treasuring Friendship.

Loving our Family. IMG_6827.JPG
Pouring out.

Pouring into our boys.

Building roots.

Going deeper.

Eating lots of mini chocolate bars.


Witnessing one of the most incredible sunsets I have seen in awhile.


God gets all our praise for this night and the people who surrounded us this Halloween!