Be Painting with Small Brushes

The walls and kitchen cupboards (photos to come!) of our home are painted.

The outside will have to wait til warmer, more consistent weather.

Time to pick up the small brushes and paints Sexy Neck and the boys bought me for my birthday.

I was out for a sunset walk

20140516-224253.jpgand was inspired by these three trees:

They reminded me of my three handsome boys.

I got home, picked up my brushes, started playing with paint colour and off I went.

I thought about my wonderful boys.

I poured out love and joy through the paint.

I felt peace and happiness flowing through me.

I created this with my heart and soul.

Small triumphs.

Being creative.

Soul care.

Letting go.

Laughing that this Type A jock is painting… and loving it.


To be.


3 thoughts on “Be Painting with Small Brushes”

  1. I need to pick up the paints too, good for you. I find after I’ve finished an important sketch or painting…or whatever it is, every time I see it afterwards I remember in great detail the process and the thoughts and feelings I had, what songs were playing on the radio even while I was working! It’s like your brain is so super focused on the project that all of your senses are on high alert and everything is imprinted on your memory. They say art heals and maybe this is one of the reasons. It’s a beautiful painting I hope you get it framed. Love you lots, Ang

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