Be A Golf Camper

I love the order of golf.   The manicured lawns (Don’t want to think about how they get that way!), the beautifully placed flowers, the nicely layed out sand traps (at least when you aren’t playing.) and the friendly atmosphere like you are part of one big “Club”.


Our oldest got a taste of golf course life this week as he did a three day mini-camp at a local golf resort.  He loved hitting his “big dog”, riding in the cart and the ice cooler with cold water on the side.  Amazing!

In the “Easy Guide to the Etiquette and Rules of Golf” that my son got on the first day, it states that you introduce yourself on the first tee AND when you finish playing you thank them for their company and shake their hand.  Plus they don’t allow cell phone on the golf course.  Can you imagine that skills and conversations that these players are able to have without any distractions from technology?


While JC was at camp, I have had the opportunity to walk around with CC and OC.  We have had a relaxing time.  First, it is so peaceful.  No cars within the pathways surrounding the golf course, just my feet pounding along the path.  Second, we have seen amazing wildlife: birds, butterflies, marmots, ducks and even a few turtles came to say hello.



We eagerly awaited JC’s return from the practice range.


The little brothers were very excited to see him pull up in the golf cart, especially when it was the hockey cart!


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