Be Taking Dukey On A Hike

We are in the final days of “living” in the town where all three of my boys were born. I have been very intentional visiting with certain people and going to special places.

On Sunday, we went for a hike on the acreage behind the first house we lived in.   We went with an old neighbour and her son.  This is the home where JC was born beside the dishwasher.  Here’s the story.

JC insisted on taking his backpack with a snack and a few other things in it.  Does this ever happen to you with your own children?  I said yes and boy did we get a surprise.

We had hiked up to the top of the hill overlooking the lake.  The boys were sitting and chatting when suddenly out popped “Dukey”, JC’s teddy bear.  We don’t let our teddy bears go travelling with us, but I sure smiled when I saw Dukey.


My mom had given us Dukey when were six months pregnant with JC.  She gave it to us in the house at the bottom of this hill the Christmas before JC was born.

When Dukey popped out of the backpack it was a very special moment thinking about all that has happened in the last seven years since our boys (and Dukey) came into our lives.

Thanks JC for being in tune with other people and God’s Spirit inside of you.  You are one of the most thoughtful and caring people that I know.  You made us all smile today.

Be A Home Depot Kid Constructor

We went to the hardware store to look at toilets and we ended up with a great activity for the boys.

They got to participate in a FREE kids program constructing a car.  Not only did they get to hammer away, they got a free Home Depot apron, hard hat, ruler, pencil and a car that they had put together themselves.

Here are my proud boys.


Afterwards, my oldest even showed the youngest how to put together his car.  Mommy couldn’t manage all three boys with hammers, so the two big boys made their cars while baby OC got lost in the ride’m lawn mower cage.  Yes, I did have my first screaming mommy with a lost child moment.


Learning in action!  Hammer, hammer, hammer.

Happy Summer!