Be A Home Depot Kid Constructor

We went to the hardware store to look at toilets and we ended up with a great activity for the boys.

They got to participate in a FREE kids program constructing a car.  Not only did they get to hammer away, they got a free Home Depot apron, hard hat, ruler, pencil and a car that they had put together themselves.

Here are my proud boys.


Afterwards, my oldest even showed the youngest how to put together his car.  Mommy couldn’t manage all three boys with hammers, so the two big boys made their cars while baby OC got lost in the ride’m lawn mower cage.  Yes, I did have my first screaming mommy with a lost child moment.


Learning in action!  Hammer, hammer, hammer.

Happy Summer!

5 thoughts on “Be A Home Depot Kid Constructor”

  1. I love that program! My husband & I were at our local Home Depot last Saturday, when it was raining cats & dogs here, and heard and then saw about 3 dozen little boys and girls hammering away at their cars, all adorable in their tiny orange aprons. The huge turnout might have been in part because of the non-stop rain keeping everyone inside, but still, what a great way to spend time with your kids.

    1. I can’t believe I just discovered this at Home Depot. My oldest is six! Where have I been? What other types of projects have you seen there? Is it worth it to go every month?

      1. Check out their FB page “Home depot kids workshop” & You will get a pretty good idea of the assorted projects that the kids have worked on in the past. They have quite a variety –things with plants, painting, nails, wood… Pretty cool stuff!

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