Be Wearing High Heels in Heaven

I love high heels! Love. Love. Love. 

They make women look so elegant, almost like they are floating down the street. 

The legs of high heeled women look a mile long.

Women’s feet in high heels look dainty and small no matter the size of the feet.

I hate how high heels feel.  THEY HURT! 

Recently, I went shoe shopping to replace the two shoes on the left:


I tried on a few pairs of high heels, and I think I am going to have to save my high heel wearing days for heaven.  

This six foot tall girl can’t squeeze her size nine feet into high heels without pain in her feet, legs and I am sure one day, my neck.  Plus, how do you walk in them and look elegant instead of a giraffe waiting to topple over?  

So, I will stick with my two new pairs of shoes on the right, my “sensible” shoes I will call them.   

3 thoughts on “Be Wearing High Heels in Heaven”

      1. Jewish women can wear all kinds of shoes. 🙂 A lot of religious women don’t like sandals, because it’s kind of funny to wear stockings/socks with them. But, not all religious women wear socks all the time, so it kind of depends.

        I haven’t bought shoes in Israel in years. The last pair I bought was when I was visiting my family in Canada – my grandmother had a gift certificate for a store and she didn’t need it, so she took me to find shoes. 🙂 Oh, and I bought a cheap pair of flip-flops to wear in the house/ pool/ after a shower for about five shekels ($1.25).

        My feet are very narrow so I am limited to a sensible shoe that has something on the top to keep my foot in – either laces or a buckle. It takes me a long time to find something at a reasonable price, that I like, that fits. (Which is why I have been pushing off shoe shopping for so long, even though my shoes needed to be tossed months ago.)

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