Be A Smoothie Maker

One day our five year old decided he didn’t like bananas anymore, another day it was meat.  Now it is hit or miss if he will eat the meal put in front of him.

Our youngest will eat anything that you put on his plate, as long as it isn’t a vegetable.  The vegetables get thrown on the floor for the dog.  Seriously, baby OC has quite an arm!

Our middle guy, he only eats fruits and veggies, pasta “naaaah”, meat “sometimes”.   He is the easiest to cook for at the moment as I think he is growing and hungry.

The one never fail snack that I can put in front of everyone is a smoothie.  Today it was a can of coconut milk, banana, frozen local blueberries and peaches.  That’s it, that’s all.  And you throw in a cool twisting straw and they are all slurped up! Vit C, D, B and all!




Now I just have to get up the guts to throw some kale in there.  Would they know?

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