Be Driving By McD’s

Here’s a conversation from the car today as we did a few errands:

JC, our almost six year old yells from the back of the van: “Mom, look! What is that giant M?

Me: “Sorry Hon, I didn’t see it!”

JC: “Mom, it had a giant playhouse in it!

Me: “Oh?

JC: “Mom, I want to go there, it looks cool.

Me: “Hmmmm… I don’t know son. I am going to have to think about it.”

Ok folks, here is my quandary: I have never taken my children to the cultural icon, McDonald’s. I just can’t do it.

After watching Supersize Me many eons ago, I can’t get over what their food did to his body. I don’t trust this food chain for their food nor the cleanliness of their play areas.

Is the unhealthy image of this ‘playhouse’ truth, urban legend or a figment of my imagination?

Me: “Sorry Son, I am going with my gut and keep driving right by that giant M. You will have to decide this one for yourself, when you are old enough. You may even have to wait til you can drive there yourself!” 🙂

One thought on “Be Driving By McD’s”

  1. I’m really impressed that your son doesn’t even know what McDonalds is yet – i have seeing tiny tots in their eating. However I am a complete hypocrite as my husband and I pop in from time to time, we will have to eat it secretly when BabBee is not around1

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