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Be Awakening to White

We awoke to copious amounts of snow.




It ended up being a shovelling, sledding, snowman building morning before the school bell rang.



For me it was a bright light in the midst of dark times where everyday someone is talking about Cancer, telling me about their mom’s surgery or walking with their mom past me.

The loss of my mom continues to be deep and dark.

The love and traditions my mom had around Christmas continue to bring light. She was an incredibly thoughtful mom and Nana.

I am awakening to this new light.



Everlasting love.

Thank you mom!

Thank you God for fresh, white, new snow.


Be Snowing in the Kitchen

Today, we were making cheese and ham muffins for lunch.  The big boys pulled over their Stokke’s to the kitchen counter and then started to add all the ingredients into a big bowl.  (Our KitchenAid does all the mixing.)

Baby OC was on the floor sitting on his plasma car and looking in our treat/baking cupboard.  I looked up to see what the big boys were doing when suddenly I heard a giggle from the floor.  When I looked down, I saw  two pounds of spelt floor all over the floor.Image

JC jumped off his Stokke and immediately started yelling “It is snowing! It is snowing!”


Usually I find accidents where there is major clean-up quite frustrating, but today I grabbed the camera and laughed.  Accidents happen and I realize that I can control my reaction to them AND have fun along the way.


Welcome to our chaos.  Snow and snowmen in the kitchen while trying to make lunch. Hahaha.