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Be Playing with Paper

I walked out the door yesterday for four hours.

Walked into our old church to celebrate an incredible colleague’s life.

A woman who was a mom, wife, teacher, friend, aunt… an incredible human being, filled with inner light and love.

She also had the best shoes and rings!

Her students’ sang the birthday song in the most creative, loving and loud way possible.  (I know because I was across the hall from her!)


While I was gone, Sexy Neck played with the boys.

Putting water in the fish pond.

Tidying up the yard.

Eating snacks.

And creating with white printer paper.

Sexy Neck has to be one of the most creative people that I know.

He can take any normal object and create something beautiful and inspiring!

Yesterday it was paper…

Created into rescue vehicles.  We now have a roadway on our kitchen table and some very happy boys!

Thank you Sexy Neck for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

IMG_0659[1] IMG_0662[1] IMG_0661[1]

What ordinary object today will create an extraordinary for you or the people you love?

Have a wonderful Sunday Funday and rest day!

Be Tie Dying



Happy Canada Day!  We are wearing the tie dye shirts that we made for JC’s seventh birthday party.

All day I have been singing part of our national anthem, “God keep our land, glorious and free!”

We swam, sang O Canada while eating cupcakes, visited Papa in Vtown, ate together and enjoyed movies together.  I don’t think we will make it to the fireworks, but we are very grateful to be together sporting our tie dye Canada day t-shirts!

Be Selling Banana Chips

Like Sexy Neck, our boys are idea guys.

They often get an idea in their heads and they are going for it.

On Saturday, this involved a banana chip stand at 8:30am in the morning.

The most beautiful thing was that they had two customers buy their banana chips!

They created this stand all on their own. It even had a cool slot to put change into that made a tinkling noise when you dropped your coin in.

How many ideas have you had today? Have you decided to run with them or sit on them? After watching my boys, I think I am going to run with a few of my ideas.

Stay tuned…