Be Surprised (with a bit of Mel Robbins sprinkled in)

As I walked into 2023, I remember listening to a Mel Robbins podcast where she shared about her podcast that she started in September. Mel said that even if just one person would be inspired/affected by her podcast, it would all be worth it.

Well folks, who knew that my little ramblings and writings would affect others and more than just one person.

Since writing my New Year’s 2023 musings where Sexy Neck and I shared the 3 lessons we learned from the second hardest year of our lives, I have heard personal and encouraging words on what I wrote from:

  • Karla, from our volleyball days in Germany in 2002/03, whom I used to help coach and whom I met with weekly in our town of Bad Saulgau to do a Tankstelle.
  • Cathy, Sexy Neck’s old Head Secretary from when we first moved to K-town in 2013.
  • Cyndi, a teaching colleague from our pre-kid days in Vernon and a fabulous mom of girls.
  • Bubba, the oldest friend I have had on this earth.
  • Shell, one of our newest and greatest friends here in K-town.

And that’s just a few highlights from the last week.

I am literally on my face humbled and very surprised that after my few year hiatus, because I was too cheap to upgrade my account, that people would take the time to read my words that pop into their inbox. Thank you for sitting with me on this blogging journey.

Your time is a gift. I don’t take it lightly when people stop to read, comment or reach out to me to share that they read what a wrote, plus what resonated with them. You, yes YOU reading these words, have make every second that I type these worth it.

Thank you.

You are a gift and I wish, today, that every single person reading these words would know that they are LOVED by the Creator of the Universe, my Heavenly Father, and that my mom is shining her love and light upon us all.

I love you peeps.

Sidenote: I took social media off my phone (Instagram and Facebook) for 2022 and I still haven’t put it back on. I love sitting down at my computer, opening those pages and interacting with people. I realize I love this virtual connection that I am able to have with people all over the globe. I don’t love the “mindless scroll hole” when these Apps sit on my phone. I don’t think these Apps will be coming back for 2023!

xoxo Joanna

8 thoughts on “Be Surprised (with a bit of Mel Robbins sprinkled in)”

  1. Hey Joanna,

    Just in case you don’t know….. whether you get replies or not, your ‘little blog’ as you call it, has far reaching and genuine impact on all your followers. YOU are an influencer!! In the best form of that role:) like it or not lol!!

    For me? Your writing is a sweet encouragement to my morning, where I can stop, albeit for a few moments, and reflect, reassess,and savour all the unique perspectives you have on the world we share…THANK YOU… for all the essential reminders… you’ve created an invisible and beautiful connection between many women( and men?) around the world …. What a lovely gift💕


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    1. tee hee! You gave me a little chuckle! I often wonder why God made me six feet tall, as I would much prefer to be at the back chatting than at the front giving the speech. I definitely love this one on one dialogue that I feel that I have through the blog, especially when beautiful people like YOU comment. Thank you for taking the time to share what’s speaking to you through the words that are forming in my heart and mind. I hope one day my mini-men will read these words and be blessed! Big hugs and have a great first week of teaching in 2023 Cyndi.

  2. It surprised me that you don’t realize the impact you have on the people who love your wisdom, courage to say what you believe, and your love of life even when it sucks. 😉
    Most of us dream about putting ourselves out there whether in word or song but few have the strength to do it.

    Love you PJ pal.

    1. Hi PJ Pal, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I love sitting behind my screen and writing down my thoughts. It’s like free counselling. HAHA. Did I see you moved to the coast?

      1. Lol no my Facebook was hacked so I’m shutting it down. We’re actually in Penticton now. Onto a new chapter. 🙂

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