Be Putting Up Glass Walls

Yesterday, my husband, Sexy Neck, spent Saturday banging two by fours together to create a wall in half of our unfinished basement.

The goal was to put up a wall to “cover up” our overflow food pantry, his tools and bench as well as some storage items.

He put up this incredibly beautiful, square wall, with vents to access the hot water tank, plus an extra large door.

Sexy Neck thinks of everything.

The wall is incredible and wonderfully made.


The items behind the wall are a bit more haphazard and are in need of culling.

When you peek behind the door, you can see all the miscellaneous items that we are trying to hide.


As I watched this wall begin to create a barrier yesterday, I had to ask myself:

What walls have you created in your mind and heart that you are hiding from?

What stuff are you not dealing with that are behind the wall?

And now today I am choosing to take action with these two questions.

I will deal with three unfinished relationships.

I will not hide.

I will reach out.

I will ask forgiveness.

I will be vulnerable.

Nothing hidden behind the steel walls in my mind.


Walls now lovingly created with glass in my open mind for my own health and transparency.

Allowing freedom.

Allowing peace.

Allowing me to be….


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