Be Glad for Gymnastics 

When our first born was wee, Sexy Neck and I made the decision about which physical literacy activities our children would do: swimming, skating (yup, we are Canadian!) and gymnastics were a must.  

Building blocks.  

Healthy skills. 

Lifelong physical movements.  

Six years later, we say goodbye to another season of gymnastics.  

It ain’t cheap, but it is worth all the five cent.  (We don’t have pennies here anymore.). 

Watching our three year old gain confidence.   


Hearing our five year olds laughter and seeing his amazing flexibility.  


Sitting in awe as our eight year old flips through the air with or without a harness.   


Daily choices.  

Become yearly decisions. 

And lifetime habits.  

Raising healthy, strong, physically and mentally literate boys. 

One thought on “Be Glad for Gymnastics ”

  1. I used to love gymnastics. Your boys look like they are having a great time.
    When did you lose the penny? Kind of sad. Should I have saved pennies as collectors’ items? (A few years ago they got rid of the 5 cent (5 agurot) piece, now we only have 10 cents (10 agurot). Because about a decade ago they got rid of the 1 cent (agora).)

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