Be Proud Of a Tower

Wooden blocks given to our firstborn as a baby.  

Now being played with by our eight year old firstborn.  

Same delight.  

Same scream.  

Same blocks.  

Today, JC finally made a tower taller than himself.  It has been alluding him for awhile as he seems to be growing every day. 





Carefree moments.  

My heart sings…

One thought on “Be Proud Of a Tower”

  1. That’s the best thing about classic toys – they grow with the kids. Like our stacking rings – it’s a baby toy, right? Well, Shlomo starting tossing them so that they would roll on their sides, like a wheel. I never thought a four-year-old would find a new use for stacking rings.
    But wooden blocks are probably the best toy out there. Glad you’re enjoying them.
    One day you will have pictures of JC’s kids playing with these same blocks, and you’ll buy a double picture frame for the two pictures. 🙂

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