Be a Preschooler

This week our almost three year old, OC, started preschool one day per week for two hours.

It was one of those days where OC appeared to “grow-up” overnight.

We stared Friday with our Preschooler wanting to pour his own milk. His lunch kit and water bottle were on the counter. He proudly hung his new MEC backpack beside his brothers.

OC grabbed his backpack and we were off. Everyone was excited.

OC is happy that he has the same teacher as his big brother CC. He was very happy with his flag creation on his first day of preschool.

The big brothers were happy to spend this day celebrating OC and enjoyed “hanging” out at the preschool playground.

You are a gift OC, to our family and this world.

We appreciate your laughter, your emotions, your spunk, your wanting to try everything! We love you!


As we said Welcome to Preschool to OC, I said goodbye to my preschool scrapbook into the recycling bin.



I am learning life is about being open and letting go…





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