Be a Pirate and a Lawn Mower

Our boys are able to pick two camps to do each summer.  I try to sign them up when Sexy Neck works in the summertime.  Sexy Neck was back at work on Monday and the big boys were at Sailing Camp.20140824-090357-32637570.jpg



20140824-090508-32708060.jpgToday was the last day… AArrrrr… it was Pirate Day!  These boys have the best imaginations and their abilities to come up with a costume astound me.  Here they are:


JC got to go on a catamaran and even had a water fight with the paddle boarders.  CC was in his wee boat steering it around the bay.  Way to go pirate sailors!

I had to add this shot of OC tonight!  Just like daddy..


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