Be Going to the Hospital Wall (even more painting)

We have a massive double-sided brick fireplace.

Well, we did until I started painting it white. As I covered over its dark and smoke-filled bricks with freshness, I began to think of my mom’s four hospital stays:

August 5th to 22nd
October 31st to November 3rd
November 17th to 20th
December 14-20

She spent her finally days on earth peacefully at Hospice from December 20th to 26th.

My mom had previously stayed at the hospital twice, once when she gave birth to my sister in 1971 then three years later when she gave birth to me.

This fireplace with all it’s nooks and crannies, tested my patience, bombarded me with emotions and almost made me give up. But like the hospital, my sole purpose was to keep my eye on my goal. My goal at the hospital was to get the best care for my mom and my goal for this fireplace was to get ‘er done.

I can’t say I enjoyed many moments in my mom’s last week in the hospital fighting for mom not to be moved again, fighting for pain medication and trying to enjoy my beautiful mom. I can’t say I enjoyed painting this fireplace. It took FIVE coats of paint and hundred of thousands of dab dab dab’s with the paintbrush.

I told Sexy Neck that the next time this thing needs to be painted I am going to take a sledgehammer and take it down instead.

The boys had fun attacking the fireplace with paint. It was very forgiving. They had fun!


20140301-210349.jpgThe final product:


The newly painted double-sided fireplace.

I am afraid this painting has shown me that the fireplace may be done but my hospital journey is not.

I will wait.

I will do my work.

I will heal.

I will be back at that hospital making it better for other cancer patients.

I will.

Within God’s will.

With His help.

6 thoughts on “Be Going to the Hospital Wall (even more painting)”

  1. Your fireplace looks great! Really brightens up everything. Your Mom, the most excellent painter, would be proud.

  2. That fireplace is really cool!
    You did a good job painting it, though I liked the brick color somewhat better. I can just imagine how much d[r]ab d[r]ab d[r]ab work it took.

    P.S. – Your orange wall looks terrific. It totally changes the room – and the atmosphere. Don’t remember if I said that before.

      1. Thank you for the message. I have been thinking of you a lot as I am seeing a new Christian counsellor and he has been speaking about ‘shiva’. I have been pondering this.

        Are you coming back to blogging land or is it too onerous?

        Blessings and peace upon you and your family.

      2. It’s not that it’s onerous – it’s that my computer broke and we just haven’t had the money to buy a new one. Hopefully soon that will be fixed and I will be able to blog more. I miss blogging, a lot.

        I think the Jewish mourning laws are a brilliant idea (only G-d could’ve thought it up so long ago, right? :)). First shiva. Then a lesser period of mourning for the first month. Then a lesser-than-that period for the first year (no parties or celebrations, no concerts). And the fact that it’s mandatory – gives it legitimacy and people respect the space that the mourner needs. During the first eleven months there is also Kaddish – a prayer said by surviving males during communal prayers, in memory of the person/for their soul. This prayer is repeated every year on the anniversary of the death.

        Peace and serenity upon you, my friend. šŸ™‚

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