Be Saying Goodnight to Nana and Papa

Nana and Papa are having a sleepover at Hospice tonight.

The boys had to drive by twice so that they could say goodbye and I love you.

Now, I have popped back to say my own goodbye and drop off my mom’s favourite Anne Murray CD.

With a hug for dad and a kiss on the forehead for mom, and a couple of I Love You’s, I am off to see if my giggling boys are tucked in and snuggled up in their beds.

Merry Christmas everyone. May God’s light shine for you on Jesus’s birthday. May you know His love, His peace and His miraculous ways.

One thought on “Be Saying Goodnight to Nana and Papa”

  1. I thought of Aunty Gwen at Christmas service tonight. Said a prayer or two and sent them your way.

    I promise to stay in touch with you and Michelle more….if Aunty is anything like Mom, that’s the best Christmas present I could give her;)

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