Be Making Nachos on Parchment Paper

Happy Taco Tuesday and third day of Advent!

I want to celebrate this exciting wintery day by introducing my old friend “Nachos” back into our world.

I must admit that we haven’t made nachos for a very long time as I always worry about my wee ones burning their tiny little fingers. BUT after this weekends idea, I can see yummy cheesy nachos coming back into my life on a regular basis. Welcome back old University friend!

Step One: Put parchment paper onto cookie sheet and top with nacho ingredients of your choice. Cook!

Step Two: Gently slide cooked nachos on parchment paper from cookie sheet to cutting board. Don’t forget to move your hips.

Step Three: Take that cool cookie sheet with those hot nachos to the waiting boys at the table and have no fear of kids being burned by the cookie sheet that is still sitting on the stovetop.

Woah! I love new ideas! Have you had any ideas that have startled you into excitement?

It is the simple things in life. Enjoy this waiting before Christmas. What a beautiful time!

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