Be Full of Boxes

I love getting inspiration by talking to people and reading others thoughts through blogs. This blogging things is very, very new for me.
So when I find a kindred spirit, a fellow SAHM, I subscribe and enjoy their diatribes about what they are experiencing in their every day life.

Today I was inspired by Chaya at Little Duckies. Check her out here:

I can tell that I am moving into a new season of my life. In the fall, my life seemed to be all about TREES. See and

Now these TREES are turning into BOXES. I try to pack a box a day to declutter and get ready for a potential move. My boys have box creations all over the house. Today Little Duckies reminded me again of the magnificent qualities of boxes:

Here are a few of our creations:


Here are all the cousins together: ages 1 to 51, all playing with boxes for OC’s 1st birthday party.


My son’s box theatre – add two t-shirts and you have a curtain… sorry you will have to crane your neck to see it. I can’t figure out how to flip it!


Lastly, the latest box house currently in our living room. It contains a swinging door and everything.

It truly is the simple things in life, isn’t it?

Time to go and pack another box!

One thought on “Be Full of Boxes”

  1. When are you moving? A box a day is a good, manageable goal. I think I will aim for that next time we have to move.

    I love the box creations! The theater was pretty clear, even without tilting my head. It’s great to see kids playing with simple things. 🙂

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