Be Mildly Rebellious

Today I am wearing the t-shirt I slept in!  Rebellious, I know.  Maybe tomorrow it will be “no bra” day.  Ha!


I try very hard to “be” a woman who stands by her word, that does what she says she will do and live by the guidelines of the culture I live in.  But I have been inspired lately to be a bit more rebellious towards these cultural guidelines.

Thank you Tim Ferris and his book The Four Hour Work Week. 

[Sidenote: Last year, my book club gave me the award Actionator 2012 because I really do try and put into to practice what I read and am inspired by.]


In The Four Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris gives the reader what he calls “Comfort Challenges”.  One comfort challenge that spoke very personally to me was the “Relax in Public” challenge.  My understanding of the activity is that you find a busy sidewalk and lie down.  Don’t explain yourself, just take a rest.  Hmmm… thought provoking isn’t it.  Why is this not culturally acceptable?  If I am tired, why not lie down? As a mom of three boys under five, I think I am going to instill this into my daily life.  I am going to give it a try next week.

Here is my last thought from Tim’s book: “It isn’t enough to think outside the box.  Thinking is passive.  Get used to acting outside the box.”  Well said Tim.  I am a good thinker, but now I am going to aim to be a better Actionator!

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