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Be Glad February is Done

Whew, February GOODBYE to you!

See ya later to two time consuming beginnings (new semester and planning for next year) at
Sexy Neck’s work.

Every day was a ‘letting go’ experience this month:
DAILY goodbyes to life without mom.

Observing dad’s first warm holiday with buddies and his return.

Feeling the cold weather continue to hold on.

Sensing the letting go that needs to happen on so many things I want desperately to hold on to.

Adios to ten hard fought pounds I lost this month.

Hello to a new month.

Bring on MARCH!

One step closer to destination unknown on earth.

Living a life of complete uncertainty. (Oh how I used to feel in control – ha!)

Completely at peace.

Doing my work.

Speaking my wants.

Living outside of shoulds.

Without fear of making a mistake.

Hanging with my boys.

Making my way in the desert.

Pondering God’s voice.

Waiting and wondering.

In freedom.

Here is a treasure I found while cleaning out our office space today: