Be Finished Grade Five

How is our baby boy finished grade five? My heart delights when I think about OC’s journey these last three years since he began this home learning life. We took him out in grade two and truly it was the best time and I think he has reaped the benefits from this courageous decision we took!

OC is truly thriving and discovering new passions on a monthly basis. This year, he was very motivated to learn more about fishing and hunting. He found a love for basketball and volleyball. He played soccer, enjoyed skiing and loved doing trampoline drop-ins at Airhouse. OC continues to truly love everything related to law enforcement or conservation officers, especially if it involves a dog. He would still love a German Shepherd one day, but his Winnie, the golden doodle, gets a lot of cuddles and attention each day. Since he moved into his own room in May, OC is making an epic Lego build on his bottom bunk and has Lego stacked high in bins in his closet. OC continues to love to read, starting each day and ending each day with a book. He loves doing anything that his two big brothers are doing, but especially creating in Minecraft, playing in the pool and building things. One momentous highlight for OC this year was our year end field trip to Innisfail to visit the RCMP canine dog training centre. The demonstration with the dogs and their handlers was inspiring for us all. I highly recommend you take a trip to visit in the summer to see one of their Wednesday demos.

As OC heads into grade six, justice continues to be his middle name. His sense of right/wrong within our family and in the world, is strong. He loves making sure everyone is taken care of and is a thoughtful soul. Learning comes very easily to OC and he especially loves watching videos and being read to. It’s always fun to hangout with OC and get spontaneous hugs and kind words.

Bring on grade six and another year learning at home for OC. I wonder if he will ever choose to go back to a campus school. Time will tell!

😘 Joanna

P.S. I heard from WordPress and I can pay an extra $10 per month to get more storage. To pay or not to pay. Maybe I just start a new blog page? Egad, what to do. How many monthly subscriptions can one person pay? We currently have Netflix, Disney, Apple and just gave up on Prime! Egad.

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