Be on a Radical Sabbatical at Bodenseehof.


A special place.

With soul-filled people.

A bible school.

Focused on teaching and growing with a foundation built on the bible.

A couple, Steve and April, whom we met in their first year at Bodenseehof when we were living in Bad Saulgau (our next stop!).

Did you expect another handstand?

I cannot decide if I enjoy the lake or the mountains more. What do you love more? this was our view from Fischbach where the Bodenseehof is.

I don’t think until this trip, did I understand my boys LOVE for playgrounds. Luxury cars and playgrounds make them scream when we are driving around.

One thought on “Be on a Radical Sabbatical at Bodenseehof.”

  1. This brought tears to our eyes as Lynn and I look at the beautiful pictures. We miss you guys sooooo much. The boys are really growing up.

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