Be Finding You Summer Reading Material

Most people may find this difficult to comprehend, but no I have never read C.S. Lewis’s box set “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

Some people may be gasping out loud.

I just have never wanted to read it.

Until now.

Now, I have an eight year old in the house with a very vivid imagination.

Tonight, we finished the first book in the series.


One down, four to go.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is up next!

What is on your summer reading list?

7 thoughts on “Be Finding You Summer Reading Material”

  1. Yitzchak and I both love that series! I have read each of the books three or four times, excepting the last one, which I’ve read twice (it was a little too missionary-dripping for me, and the fact that Susan deserted them always made me sad).
    Wish we had a copy; one day we will probably get one.

    1. We are on book two… It is getting exciting. Even my middle six year old is getting into it. Who knew? I wonder why I never read them before.

      1. They are great books. Both Yitzchak and I really love them. The best thing is, that they are great both for six year olds and for adults. It’s a fairy tale, but with deeper meanings (and, we don’t like all of it, but you probably will – very Christian undertones and messages).

      2. We are loving the books. We are in book two. I am interested in seeing the ‘christian undertones’ as we get into the latter books. So far it is very mystical and magical.

      3. Hint: Aslan is Jesus, Now see what you can figure out without looking it up. 🙂 The garden where Digory’s mother’s apple was found, the queen of Charn, the round table. Seek and you shall find. 🙂

      4. We are now on the Boy and His Horse. My eight year old is not seeing the Jesus connection yet, but I am interested and attentive and wondering how it will all unfold. Aslan hasn’t been a part of this book so far. Exciting times. Thanks for your quote and for your comments. Peace to you as things are tumultuous around you.

  2. “Make your choice, adventurous stranger,
    Strike the bell and bide the danger,
    Or wonder till it drives you mad,
    What would have happened if you had.”
    I always wondered what I would have done . . .

    “Come in by the gold gate or not at all,
    Take of my fruit for others or forebear,
    For those who steal or climb my wall,
    Shall find their hearts’ desire and find despair.”
    I like the morals here. Don’t steal and don’t be selfish. Ah and don’t climb walls. I mean, don’t hide, present yourself.

    Though I think the coolest part was the passageways between the houses in London, I always wished I lived in a house like that. (Although, now I’m not so sure. Kind of scary, reminiscent of tunnels. Ughhhhh. No no no I am not thinking about it.)

    Can you tell I love the series?
    Ah and how they got back over the garden’s wall, to where Aslan was just creating the new world. 🙂

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