Be Snowball, Bumps & Jumps and Magic Carpet Rider

Merry Christmas from our boys:

Three Year Old Magic Carpet Rider


Seven Year Old Bumps & Jumps


Five Year Old Snowball


Laughter in the midst of tears.

Winter amidst the desert.

Rowing my boat of grief.

Riding my skis down the slopes.

Taking it ALL in.

Living it now!

Deal with it now rather than later.

I ain’t no sweeping it under the carpet kind of girl.

But I do love riding the magic carpet too!

God is gracious to give me these three amazing boys.

I love you Magic Carpet Rider, Bumps & Jumps and Snowball.

4 thoughts on “Be Snowball, Bumps & Jumps and Magic Carpet Rider”

  1. Thank you Levi… does your family like the snow? What do you think about the dichotomy of winter and desert? Blessings to you lovely Levi… May God encourage you as you walk through your days as you have done for me again this day.

  2. Love you, JJ and will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and close to my heart this Christmas. While the “firsts” will soon come to a close, know that with each passing day your journey will continue to go through a metamorphosis, much like the butterfly. Hugs from here to there. Xoxo Merry Christmas!

    1. Dearest Emi, thank you for always ‘knowing’ what to say and how to encourage. I couldnt have made it through the firsts without you on my team.

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