Be Remembering One Year Ago

It wasn’t lost on any of us that we drove through Vtown at the exact hour one year to the day when mom moved from the hospital to hospice house. This was another one of those coincidences, or was it?

CC remembered that Nana was riding with me in a green ambulance.

Sexy Neck reminded us that when arrived at hospice house and Mom wheeled out the back of the ambulance, she waved at Papa and the boys waiting at the front entrance.

I remembered that as Mama was wheeled out of the ambulance, snow was falling onto her beautiful face.  It was a magical moment for mom and I as we looked at each other.

I remember the anticipation of my cousin’s arrival from Spain and PG as well as my sister and family arriving from a holiday in Australia.

I remember being so happy because mom really wanted to go to hospice.

On this day as the snow fell down on my face and the clouds held me close and brought me comfort.  IMG_7565[1]

I felt great gratitude for what unfolded one year ago.  It was not an easy journey in the hospital, but hospice house helped us send mom into eternity without pain and with all of us being able to surround her.

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