Be Deserving Nothing

There is a sense of entitlement that is pervasive in our Western World.

“I deserve _____________________!”

There is a sense of entitlement that runs in my mind.

“I deserve this cookie/bag of chips/mouthful of nuts because I worked hard today/am tired/or just because I simply deserve it!”

“I was kind to this person.  I deserve to be treated nicely back.”

“My mom was a good person.  She deserved better, humane treatment in the hospital.”

“My dad doesn’t deserve to die right now.”

“I did this and that and this and that.  I deserve SHIT!”

I have never gotten what I deserve.

From the crap that I choose to put into my mouth, my body still manages to be healthy and function beautifully.

To the words I have thought and said about people, people have shown forgiveness and God has given me grace.

And to the many, many, many times that I have made rash decisions to do one thing or another, God has protected me from myself.

Yup, I definitely have lost my sense of entitlement over the last year.

I especially didn’t deserves this last week we had as a family!

Live concert with two great friends and Sarah McLachlan.


Yes, we had front row seats!

Before the concert, we managed to get front row seats at a restaurant overlooking the lake.


Our boys both were invited to birthday parties with a lovely family we met last year.

We played tennis as a family, with everyone getting a whack at the ball.

We drove mini cars at a Halloween festival.  Do you know any boy that doesn’t love mini cars?  My heart overflowed with joy watching them.


One of the boys liked going off the road and bumping into the curb.  Can you guess who?

Now, this morning, I was fortunate to spend time in Vernon with my dad, doing something that he loves.  I don’t deserve this gift of time with him after he suffered a roll-over car accident last week.  (Glory to God! He is completely fine!  The truck is a write-off though!)




Deserving attitude.

Thrown out.

Filled with gratitude.



Owing nothing.

Nothing owed.

God’s provision.

God’s grace.

God’s power.

One. Day. At. A. Time.

3 thoughts on “Be Deserving Nothing”

    1. Thank you Levi, as your words pour power into the lives you write and speak to, I appreciate your reply. Blessings upon your household, especially your son and his family.

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