Be ‘Including’ My Children

A few weeks ago, I received a comment, an innocent comment, that I have pondered and chewed on for weeks.

“Wow, you guys always do such a great job of including your children in what you are doing!”

I am surprised by this comment because:

🌀 On a daily basis, I love including my boys bustling energy of curiosity with what we are doing.

🌀 I never imagine doing anything without my boys hovering near by or asking to help. Even when I am just folding laundry they often help or play hockey behind me.

🌀 If we do ‘want’ to do something without the boys, we will plan for one of us to take them on an excursion outside of the house or do the activity during Naptime or after bedtime. I must admit that these times are few and far between.

Here is our family in action over the last few weeks working together on landscaping, pool opening, crib disassembling and dog training:

20140513-232626.jpgSexy Neck moves one load of dirt then one load of boys.

20140513-232731.jpgJC heard that we were going to take down the crib… One morning he awoke, got the tools, disassembled the crib and brought it all downstairs. He’s seven and had remembered working with Sexy Neck to put it up last summer.


Loading up the trailer for the dump and then getting a ride in the trailer across the yard.

Laying brick with Papa Bob.



Rolling out turf.


‘Preparing’ the new garden.


Dog training and walking.


Before and after: Taking off the winter pool cover.

Working together.



Takes longer?


Raising boys into men.

Harnessing energy.

Pouring in.

Pouring out.

Sticking together.

Perfectly imperfect.

Patiently teaching.

Creating lovely memories.

Putting down roots.


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