Be Sharing Your Story – Pam

I met Pam in 2000 while paddling on Okanagan Lake. She has been a friend to me and our family ever since. A rock silid, dependable friend. Pam even delivered me breakfast at the hospital last week while on her way to work.

Rock. Solid. Caring. Friend. Pam.

I headed up to Sovereign on the weekend. Your mom and your family were on my mind. I saw your mom a lot at Sovereign. I always called her “Joanna’s mom” as I never felt like I knew her well enough to call her Gwen. She was either skiing with a big smile on her face by herself(laps of carl wylie – i saw her lots of times going around again)or helping out with your kids at bunnies(again with a big smile). I always thought she was who I wanted to be like when I was her age. Whether she was up skiing at Sovereign, sitting on her paddle board at Kal lake with your family, biking around town, out at Friesen’s for breakfast with you and your cousins, sitting in a fort reading with your kids or chuckling at your Labour Party – she always seemed to be active, adventurous, fun, kind and happy to be surrounded by family.

Your blog posts are heart warming and heart breaking at the same time. It is evident in the people surrounding your mom that she is a truly special person. She truly is blessed to have you all with her on this journey.

I read some of your older posts the other day Jo(I don’t think there has been a time in the last week where you haven’t been in my thoughts). You wrote about hoping you could feel okay with who you are this holiday season. Jo, you are so much more than enough. I wish you could see yourself with another person’s eyes. I watched you that morning I brought you breakfast at the hospital. You were talking to someone, so I stood and waited. It was obvious it was a difficult conversation, but you handled yourself with such grace and maturity. Then when I saw you,I wondered how you could look so beautiful after all you had been through that week. Honestly, you are a beautiful woman with incredible courage and strength. Your mom must be so proud.

Please let me know if I can bring a lunch or dinner in the next few days. It is quiet around here. Please let me know, I am happy to provide more than Rice Krispies.

I am headed up to Sovereign today. I am going to ski 2 laps of Carl Wylie for your mom. Our family will light a candle for her tonight.

Love and big hugs

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