Be A Great Friend to my Parents (Advent Day 5)

Happy fifth day of advent. What a beautiful waiting time we are enjoying.

Today, we spent the day in Vernon with my parents. We were blessed to have a visit with our great family friend, Mrs.S.

She came to lighten and brighten mom and dad’s day. She told wonderful stories about her grandchildren, and activities at home. Exactly what mom needed.

Yesterday, mom and dad got a great surprise from a friend from PG that now lives in Vtown. She dropped off a batch of gingerbread cookies, icing and decorations for mom to do with the boys. Every Christmas she has decorated gingerbread cookies with our boys. Here was Mrs. E’s note:


As, I sit on this fifth day of advent I ponder friendship. I think of my mom and dad and the comfort from friends that they have known for a long time. These friends have helped her tremendously through letters, photos, flowers, food and short visits. Mom and dad are very fortunate to have incredible friends.

My only wish for this fifth day of advent as I ponder friendship is that we could add another “F” word to this day – food. I wish we could find something that mom wants to eat. Mom has lost another ten pounds since her surgery. She is down to 131 pounds. Whew, bring on food, friendship and the fifth day of advent.

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