Be Quiet Together

I am the kind of girl that is a tad bit loud to go along with my six foot frame.   Quiet time is not my strength, but it is becoming my strength.

As I journey through this year of blogging, and now moving, I am realizing that it is the quiet moments that I have with friends that are the most memorable and moving.

As a goodbye to a wonderful home, amazing neighbours and friends, I decided to host a yoga class in my empty house.   A wonderful “warrior” woman shared her gift of teaching, gift of yoga and gift of space and peace with us.

Here was my intention for the evening:

My hope is that this evening is a restful time for you and a celebration of all our new beginnings – large and small, chosen and not chosen, beautiful new beginnings. 

I pray with all my heart that you will always know love and grace, the love that allows your kids to run into your car on their bike and allows you the freedom to run over theirs.  Grace and love the surpasses all understanding. 

I pray that you know peace, peace of yoga, peace of skiing, paddling, time spent in Gods country, peace of being with people you love.

I pray that you always know pure joy.  Joy of eating together, reading together, Circle Park soccering together, wine drinking and laughing together.

I pray that you know your neighbours – incredibly caring, giving, loving, gracious neighbours.

I pray you know that there is a purpose and a plan to everything.  A beautiful patchwork quilt that has woven us all together and brought us together in this moment.

Lastly, I pray you know friendship. Friends who go along with crazy ideas for clubs, events, get togethers.  Friends who bake you gluten free treats and teach you how to bake.  Friends who share a piece of themselves, their struggles and their joys.  A friend who really wants all of you to do ZUMBA buy opts for a safe yoga class in her empty house.  Friends who walk with you during the early years of motherhood – whew!  Friends like you! 

I pray all these things as I trust in God with all my heart, leaning not on my own understanding.

In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Cheers to ALL my Warrior women… to all of us in different seasons of life, but living it TOGETHER!  Peace and love to you ALL!



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