Be an Anything Builder

Stop and take a moment to look at your couch, chairs and pillow (and perhaps some books, a strainer and an umbrella?).

Now take a look at these items through the eyes of a three and five year old.


I am always amazed at what my boys can create from around the house. As long as an item is not sharp nor fragile they are allowed to incorporate it into their construction. Actually, I also don’t allow food nor drink, we save that for the kitchen table.

Today’s anything rescuer machine involved dialogue about helping others, a song and a few toooo to doooo noises. They even took a journey in their transformed helicopter to New York!


This reminds me of the Christmas season and the things I WANT to be doing to celebrate: be an anything rescuer, helping others with a song and perhaps a few toooo to dooo’s along the way!

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