Be a Non-TV Watcher

Note to those people reading this: My intention in writing this down is to reflect on my life, help me finding healing in some areas and laugh at myself! Enjoy the journey.

We sold our TV over five years ago. I am a reality TV junky. Oh how I love insight into peoples’ lives. Survivor, Amazing Race, home improvement shows and even The Bachelor all suck me into the vortex of mind-numbing TV.

We sold our TV because our son was around six months old and I realized how distracting TV was. My beautiful baby boy was rolling on the floor and I was watching what was happening in a jungle. My son was hungry but I waited to feed him til the next commercial break.

Why should TV dictate anything about my life? Why do I allow commercials to flash in front of my face and get into my head?

I can’t wait to get home and away from TVland. Gotta run and see how my show ends!


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